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Texas Rigs Decoy Anchors 48" 4oz- 12 Pack

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Texas Rigs Decoy Anchors 48" 4oz - 12 Pack

The Lifetime Decoys Decoy Rig was designed to eliminate all of the hassles that come with the decoy systems that are available today. The idea was born after countless hunts and struggles with various decoy rigging systems. First and foremost, the Lifetime Decoys Decoy Rig is constructed with high-strength, plastic coated cable.

This material has many advantages over what is currently used in decoy rigging systems today. It is stronger and more durable, but most importantly, the coated cable does not have memory like many of the other systems available. As we all know, decoy line memory is the main culprit of extreme tangles in our decoy rigs.

The other distinction between the Lifetime Decoys Decoy Rig and other rigs is the retrieval system. The rig is designed so the string slides freely through a high-strength clip. When the decoy is placed in the water, the weight slides to the bottom and the loop for retrieval is held at the decoy keel. When you're ready to pick them up, grab your decoy and place the loop on your carabiner. No more getting your hands wet and cold! As an avid waterfowl hunter, I highly recommend you try this rigging system. Spend your time hunting, not working!!!


The Line

The decoy rig's line is made of plastic coated stainless steel cable. The advantages of this cable over the old systems are huge. Coated cable will not tangle, unlike rope or monofilament line. Coated cable does not have memory like rope or monofilament line, which causes tangles. Coated cable is inherently stronger than rope, cord or monofilament. The coating on the cable provides resistance against weathering, and helps reduce friction enabling the decoys to easily slide up and down the line.

The Weight and Loop System

The system is designed to enable you to easily put your decoys out and pick them back up. When you drop your decoys into the water, no need to worry about the lines tangling, they won't. The sliding cord enables the weight to drop right to the bottom, with the loop ending up right at the keel for easy retrieval.

Lifetime Decoys Texas Rigs Decoy Anchors 48" 4oz- 12 Pack

Texas Rigs Decoy Anchors 48" 4oz- 12 Pack

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